al-quran is like my oxygen..
without al-quran, i'm lost..
without al-quran, i'm sick..
without al-quran, i'm dying~

Monday, March 14, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio

waarrgghh~ SAYA SUKA, SAYANG, CINTA LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm crying while watching TITANIC and ROMEO JULIET!!!!!!!!!!!! sedeY woo... both of the movies have the sad ending... i hate sad ending... but, i don't know why i love both of them... even they ended with sad ending... love LEO so much... thank god, he dumped by his idiot girlfriend... a model... that woman said she can't stand with leo's schedule... hei girl, leo is an actor.. of course he is busy with his career.. uh... poor leo... GO LEO!!!!!!!!!!!
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