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without al-quran, i'm lost..
without al-quran, i'm sick..
without al-quran, i'm dying~

Monday, February 20, 2012

story mory time..

assalamualaikum... may peace be upon you..
not updating for weeks huh =.="
lately, i'm being busy with assignments, lab reports, quizzes, tutorials, and also the mid term exam is just around the corner... 5th march.. inshaallah.. i need some spaces,some time and some motivation to boost up my inner spirit.. my soul.. +.+
for the past weeks, soooo many things and events were buzzing around me.. so, let just summarize the whole story...

1st) story about a windy and chilled night...
huh, sounds creepy right... actually, this story is about 4 hungry-kebuloq-lapaq girls of mahallah zainab.. ceyh.. then, we had our dinner at mahallah aisyah's cafe as our cafe makanannye tak sedap.. *shhh.. off record* then, we posing2 la in front of AMF HALL, perut kenyang hati pown suke... so, just check out these pics peeps~ 
from left : farah diyana, me *the blue one* and shafikah~

introducing to you : my friend from sabah, MIRA *center*

the "gojes" posing~ *ala-ala saloma gitu*

calon2 isteri pilihan~ gagagaga...

the "anggun" people..
now, lets move on to the next story..

well boys, girls and their shopping world tak boleh dipisahkan.. FULLSTOP. enough saying... :) we went to mid valley on ntah bpe haribulan.. forgot suda... okay2.. dh ingat.. we all tak balek rumah for thaipusam and maulidur rasul holiday.. so, to release our tension as assignments bnyk gler bertingkat-tingkat, we all pown meng'outing'kan diri ini.. check'em out~ zooooommmm...

me and nadia, waiting for hanin yg bz pilih kasut ^^

shafikah and her slumber + sempoi posing

girls + shoes = HEAVEN!!

from the top : pkah, hanin, nadia.. me?? the photographer~

tutti fruity awesome weyh...

dlm bas pown sempat... pkah pikachu~

betapa kosongnye bas, sume org balek rumah.. sobs sobs.. T_T

so, proceed~ to the next story... remember RAFEST?? that i've already mention here~ about my blood donating.. if you're from the future and not read it yet, jgn malu2, click je di situ.. tak mau sudah.. *buekkk :P* ergh.. snap out of it.. back to the story.. zooommm~

finally, Rafest met its ends.. huuu... kalau tak habis, mkin pokai aq ni~
me and farah diyana~

muke berseri pabila dh kenyang~

di belakang tu pkah pikachu~

okeyh.. kami bahagia di uia~

spe snap pic neyh?? wallahuallam... aq tak tau nme beliau..

di bawah rembulan~ opss.. tiang lampu.. 

penghuni bilik 321b.. mira dan pkah~

yg besar kongsi 4 org.. dan yg kecik?? sorang.. ish ish.. *geleng kepale*

saya budak baik
the end~~ oop oppp... one more thing, i've already recited surah al-furqon to my beloved MR, ALIZAMAN D.GAMON, a Philipino and yet my teacher for subject BASIC THEME OF QURAN.
thanks a lot to my roomates yg tak henti dengar aq tasmi', also to my sir, classmates, juge roomates kpd classmate.. sobs sobs.. TT__TT

i'm using these to boost my mind and memory~ yeah, helpful indeed..
oppsssss, lastly but not leastly, i just realize that my name was listed in counseling programme.. duhhh~ i wanna free from all these kind of thing... come on... i need rest maaa~ sangat annoying when people said " memey ar, nme pown dah budak uia, mestila kne baik2, kne bnyk g kaunseling" well, hello~ what about the others?? what about the non-uians?? darn~ aq cam a little bit sad as exam dah nk dekat, then, kne pegi event ni plak.. haishh... *istighfar sat* so, i fixed back my niat, aq pegi jela.. lilahhi ta`ala... it's all about HIM..

8am weyh.. tsk tsk~

do see my name???  urghhh *tarik rambut*

thanks for visiting my blog..feel free to drop your comment... saranghae..

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