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Monday, May 16, 2011


assalamualaikum. ya habibi ya maulana, sila baca entry ana...
ok, just now, i opened allk-pop.. and kyaaaa~ *scream* B2st has released their new album... FICTION AND FACT.. uuuu.. so, i checked out all the new songs.. huu.. jeongmal.. all their new songs already showed their new sides.. all their album before diplayed their cuteness, charismatic attitude.. but for this new album, they displayed their sensitiveness and their emotion *i mean sad emotion*.. T__T

at first, i thought that B2ST is suitable to carry on the cute and also the strong genre of music.. just take a look in their previous songs like SHOCK, BREATH,... this songs contain the strong and heavy genre.. and BEAUTIFUL, I LIKE YOU THE BEST are the cute songs.. BUT!! when i heard the big hit song, RAINY DAYS.. i felt like.. OMG!!!! they can sing a slow, emotional songs too.. aaaa~ 

then, i download the full audio.. and i really love all the songs.. but, because of  I am the LOYAL B2UTY, and even i have already download their album,i'll buy the original friend got scholarship jpa, and will fly to korea soon.. very soon.. hiii~ so,i ask him.. *ADIB AFIFI* to buy me that album.. hiii.. and he agreed.. huu... sayang ko la dib~

in this album also, i'm so impressed towards JUNHYUNG' OPPA.. he compossed a song too.. which is FREEZE.. whoah..the song is like.. daebak!!!! so great,.. excellent.. huu..tak tau nk cakap ape lagi... then,b2st also released MV TEASER.. THE FACT.. ala.. bru teaser.. blom official lagi.. but, eventhough it just a teaser, it is like watching the real mv.. woah.. so jealous when junhyung put his arm to that girl.. grrr.. takpe..sabo2.. siap ko~  aku dtg.. hii~ :)

now, introducing to you.. *bunyik drum* B2ST NEW ALBUM......

huuu~ cool!!

okey.. SO??? cool right.. hiii~ kyaaa~~ *scream more* huuu.. ouh.. hey.. this one is RAINY DAYS...


and the last one... huuu~ this pic really.. really.. ugh.. OMG!!! >.<
please~~ don't look at her.. sob sob T__T
 and last but not least......... *closed my eyes*

oppa~~ andwae~ wake up!!!

okay?? so.. enjoy~ hiii.. this time, my entry will be in english.. sorry if there is a lot of grammatical error or typing error, I'M REALLY SORRY, MIANHAE.. MINTA MAAF~.. practice make perfect.. i'll try..hii~ wish me luck,guys..

ouh, and.. even i'll register for my universitiy soon, i'll still updated my blog but not often.. :)

okay.. HEY YOU!! DAH BACE KOMEN LA~ PENAT JARIKU~ peace yawww :)

assalamualaikum... B2ST DAEBAK!!

thanks for visiting my blog..feel free to drop your comment... saranghae..

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SarahQistina ❤ said...

Saya suke lagu On Rainy Days tu
Memang besttt :3