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Monday, January 30, 2012

my classmate already married.. me??? gagagaga~

act, i want to make this entry about couple days ago.. but... hehe.. assignments maaaa~ a ton of works need to do!!!!streeessss~ hmmm.. couple days ago, i went to my classmate's wedding.. it's actually not wedding or nikah or sanding2 event.. but a simple and great majlis kesyukuran.. her name is siraj munira.. she is a friend of mine in arabic class.. when i first saw her in class, my first impression towards her was "woahhh... what a beautiful lady..." (O_o)"
with her tudung labuh, sweet face and her sweet smile, she made all students speechless last week... hahah.. so funny la budak kelas aq neyh...  she already nikah la about last sem, during sem break.. in december... this is her nikah picture.. i found it from other blog.. heheheh...

so comel la~

nice couple~ :)

"curik" or "steal" from other's camera~ sorry :P
i don't know whether my classmates,i mean the boys, know the fact that she already married...  the girls in my class love to gossip2 kan.. that's why la bru budak lelaki sume knew about her...  in 3rd class of the arabic class *if i'm not mistaken* she gave me her card.. i'm sooooo happy plus speechless.... i don't know why i'm acting like that... hehheh... terkejut kowt.. =.=" then, we (the girls) planned to go by  cars.. yati and yong will drive as yong knew the venue... so, just enjoy the pictures below~ :)

we~ waiting for the cars *ok, i admit it, i'm look fat and chubby here"dang~

posing first, eat later.. *my busuk face*

which one is the bride?? gagagaga~
my besties and the bride~
ohoho~ *sebak terharu*
amek berkat sat~ O_o" *pergh, red eye. mate  aq slek sket*

not full yet :P
last posing in yati's car.. go home.. i mean, UIA.. gagaga.. *hormon tak stabil, muke senget benget*


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