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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my first experience.. blood donating..

RAUDHAH FESTIVAL or RAFEST for a week in UIA~ there are so many stalls, exhibitions, and much more...

today, i've done something that i really really want to do a long long time ago~ which is donating my own blood.. alhamdulillah... my wish has been granted by allah... :) actually, i don't know why i donated my blood just now.. but what i want is to save people that really need the healthy and safe blood.. so, without any delay, after class, i rushed to market in my college to buy bread.. unfortunately, the nurse in charged said, "makan roti je tak cukup, adik kene mkn nasi" so, i went straight to mahallah's cafe and grabbed my lunch.

then, i came back to the hall and filled up the form... then, after the interviewer asked me whether my weight is above 45kg or not.. and of course, it's beyond 45 kg.. hehehe.. 48.1 kg.. *ok,saye tahu sye kurus* then, he asked if i had any chronic disease.. and of course, i don't have any~ then, i checked my blood (A postive) and also the blood pressure (119/80) *so healthy* next, i proceed to next counter to register myself and got a certificate, blood donation book where i can donate again next time by using that book and also keychain but i don't know where did i put that small thing.. T_T nevermind~

i went there alone as my friends really scared of the needle and they don't have enough sleep *study kot*...   i just found out that if we want to donate blood, we must sleep for more than 5, for those that only sleep about 3 or 4 hours, hmmm... simpan je la niat tu dulu.. must above 45 kg, no chronic disease,no HIV *of course*, age must between 18-60, not having any health problem even flu sekalipon.. selsema tak bley yea.. *naseb bek selsema 2 weeks ago..* and the most important thing is EAT~ must eat before donate.. makan nasi la~ so, enjoy the pictures below~

tested to get the type of blood.. *snapped in my room*
 actually, i did not realise when the syringe entered my vein.. huhu... i'm busy with my phone actually.. gagaga~

woohooo... takut plak tengok~
nie kak intan yg sedang dicucuk-cucuk~

this is my hand not leg.. heheh.. *tak sakit pown*

my blood.. full.. 360 ml.. about 450 g.. :)
tak tau npe msok dlm test tube pulak.. nevermind~

just a small needle.. not a big deal..

*bajet cedera parah*
replaced back my blood.. ferrous fummarate and folic acid

donate again?? next time, i will~ 

these are what i got.. also PAHALA..

And, after the blood donating, I went around the hall, cuci2 mata sat and then i saw something.. there was a stall that sold gadgets.. any gadget like lappy cooler, headphone, pendrive, hard disc and much more.. at first, i felt so tired,but then my eyes turned "bling bling" when i saw those gadgets.. muahaha..*my heart started to whisper "beli, jangan tak beli, nanti rugi"..
so, this is the result... heeeheeehheee.. from left is the new headphone, the middle one is mini vacuum for my beloved lappy, and the last one is pendrive 4G.. hard disc?? hmmm... i'm waiting for the pc fair soon.. hehehe..


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